Poems That Touch The Soul


This is a heart moving poem called Mother To Son by Langston Hughes. I really love how the mother basically did not want her son to give up and even though she is getting older she is still climbing. I read this poem when I was in 10th grade and I loved it from the first time I read it.

Mother to Son
  Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor—
But all the time
I’se been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin’ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So, boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps.
‘Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now—
For I’se still goin’, honey,
I’se still climbin’,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.


 The Road Less Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

I love this poem by Robert Frost because it talks about making decisions that maybe others would not do. Even if its  hardly  the road anyone travels it is more then likely the best decision you can make.



Michael J. Fox a true hero

Michael J. Fox is my hero. He is not what other people call him a zero. Michael has Parkinsons disease but they will find a cure. I beleive in Michael and I know they will find a cure for that I am sure. Michael is very nice and not weak he is strong. When he gives good advice, and is happy, he makes me want to sing a joyfull song. Some put Michael down and try to make him frown. Michael though keeps being happy like a clown. I look up to Michael and a helping hand I will lend. Helping Michael, supporting him and helping others, is what I will do and my heart I will send. Stay they way you are and you will go far.
This is a poem I did a few years ago to Michael J. Fox it was really fun making it.

That could be me, but I am not you

I see you on the street, your walking with your head down sadder then anyone I have ever seen.
I think to myself that could be me, but I am not you.
I see you at school getting bullied, I stand up for you and think,
That could be  me, but I am not you.
I see you dancing on the sidewalk, listening to music happy as a butterfly I smile saying that could be me,but I am not you.
I see you talking and laughing with your friends, I laugh and smile thinking,
That could be me, but I am not you.
Even though were are quite alike and we deal with the same things daily, I always say that could be me, but like I always say I am not you.
This one I wrote about being your own person I really loved writing this poem.
The Incredible Dreamer
By Hope Ortiz
At The Beginning1I am Whitney, I remember like it was yesterday. I was at school and couldn’t wait to go home and see the movie I rented.
My friend asks me, “Who plays in this movie you rented?”
I look at her and say “Not sure. I think his name is Michael J. Fox and some guy that plays a scientist.”
I get home and immediately put the movie in after I feed my animals. My Grandparents, Linda and Joey, and I sit down to watch it. I watch with amazement and then I see this young handsome, actor. My brain literally freezes and then starts to say to me:
“I want to meet this actor, who is this man?”

“His face it looks so young, so innocent, and he looks like he enjoys what he is doing.” I then think about it and say to myself, “This actor seems so interesting.”I look at my grandmother and think maybe she knows who he is and say,“Grandma do you know Michael?” She looks at me and says “ I think he has M.S. Whitney, but I am not sure.”With much conviction, I reply, “So he doesn’t act anymore?” “Is he still alive?”My grandmother gives me her sweet smile and says “Whitney , darling, look him up on the internet. His biography should be there.”I run to the computer and look his name up.I began to whimper and say “Um…. He has Parkinson’s not M.S. Grandma.”
I start to feel the heat run through my body and I start to think,

“He has Parkinson’s. What is that?”
“How does he cope with this disease?”
Feels like a billion questions crowd my mind. Then the next thing I know my heart and mind tell me this,
“Get to know him even if you don’t get to meet him, you will get to know how he feels on certain matters, how he grew up, just take out the time and read about him.”Well, I thought to myself this actor does more then just acting, maybe he does more stuff like sports or maybe dancing, wonder is he still acting anymore? I look at some pictures of Michael and I say this a little bit to loud,
“Wow he looks young, even as an adult!”

Then I say courageously, “But he is ill how does he still look so young?”
I didn’t realize my Grandparents were behind me laughing.
They look at me and say, “Whitney we know he is cute but don’t get obsessed now.”

I blush and say, “Well, it’s not that he is cute it is his personality and how he acts, he is like a person who I would really like to get to know.”

I rent a bunch of movies with Michael in it such as “Life With Mikey” and “Love Of Money. I also rented “Spin City” a show he used to be in but quit due to his illness. I go on my computer again and see this advertising and it reads : Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s research read his new book “Always Looking Up”.
My eyes widen and I scream, “He writes books?!”
“Wow, how can this be, maybe he has people write for him and he tells them what to say.”
I will admit I was excited about reading Michael’s books, I went to Barnes and Nobles and saw that he also released another book earlier called “Lucky Man”. The price was a bit out of my price range. I ended up buying the books on eBay. Well, this is the beginning of my journey, I face much more coming up and I will tell you about that.
Actor VS Radio Talk Show Host

This Information I am about to tell you is something that at first got me agitated and made me want to meet this person not for a good reason but to give him a piece of my mind. This man goes by the name of Rush Limbaugh he was on You Tube saying how my favorite actor Michael J. Fox fakes his disease and on purpose don’t take his medication.
He said and I quote “ You make a huge scene with your shaking and your giving these people false hope.” Right then I said with anger to myself “ Who does this guy think he is?”
“ Making fun of a sweet, loving innocent man who don’t deserve this.”
Now I am really getting upset like a exploding volcano, then I say out loud “ What you said about Michael J. Fox was Uncalled for! Let me at him, let me at him!!!!!” Then I see this interview with Michael that helped me calm down he says “ is it cruel to have hope or to not have hope, don’t mock people or resort into name calling just trying to get your point across and see what happens.” I say with courage “ It is better to have hope Michael!” Even though I knew Michael couldn’t hear me through the computer. I calmed down and commented on his video and said this as politely as I could: “ Dear Rush, what you did wasn’t right. You need your facts before judging people. His pills cause him to shake more which is what they call Dyskinesia’s or rocking motion. I don’t want to be mean to you but Michael is my friend and I didn’t appreciate what you said about him.” My comment was nice compared to the other comments I saw like,“Rush get a life man”
“ Rush I hate your guts!”
I knew those were some mean comments, to this day I still do not like Rush. I do not hate him, maybe he is a bully or has nothing better to talk about. Michael is as short as me I am 5’1 while he is 5’3 I have had dreams where me and Michael walk together and talk like best friends.If I am in a bad mood I will dream that I am talking with Rush and telling him to stop being a bully to the innocent. At first when you see his videos you want to hate him, but I dislike him. I abhor what he said about Michael 100 percent. I wouldn’t violently hurt him, is it wrong to think about doing that? Well, to answer that it actually is bad to think like that. Because you build up all this anger on the inside and that causes hatred. I know at times it sound like the devil is saying to me “ Just hate him already you heard what he said about Michael!!”Michael is like a imaginary friend to me, I imagine he is there but in reality he isn’t. I say to myself “ he is just a actor in another state you will never meet him.” I feel like as if the devil wants me to stir up trouble with this Rush guy.
Then I feel a angel on my shoulder saying “ Don’t believe anything the devil has to say Whitney, you know Michael is innocent you said so yourself.”

As the devil and angel fight to win my side I stick to the angels side. I realize now that was the best way to go. Anger to me just causes stress and isn’t worth it. As this journey continues I have a imaginary friend he resembles Michael J. Fox in so many ways, I feel almost like I did when I was eight years old.
New York Trip I wake up in the morning bright as ever. Michael says “Time to get up sleepy head.”I wake up and get out of bed. My grandma walks over to me very excited.My Grandma looks at me and with a huge grin she says “Whitney guess where we get to go for our vacation?”
I could tell by the way she sounded I was going to love what I was about to hear.
With much excitement I reply “Where please tell me!!”She smiles and says “New York City I here it is a great place to go and visit.”My eyes widen and I felt like I couldn’t breath not only have I always wanted to go there, but now that I remember Michael J. Fox lives there!!My grandma notices I stopped breathing and she says very worried like “Whitney are you ok dear you seem to be in great thought.”I finally calm down and say “No I am fine I am just so happy I could scream with joy.”
I think to myself this is my chance to meet Michael for the first time. We all finally pack for the trip. Only me and my grandparents are going at least that’s what my grandparents think, I didn’t forget Michael was coming along as well but I didn’t tell them that.

We get in the car and take off to New York City. I sit next to Michael and we listen to our 80s music and play I spy when were really bored.
I look at Michael and say “I possibly get to meet the real you, maybe you will be in a café or walking in the park with your wife and kids.”
Michael looks at me and with his sweet smile and charm he says to me “ I am around a lot but you just might find me, and when you do don’t be afraid to just come up to me and say hello.”
I say “I won’t be afraid you seem like such a nice guy that you make people feel comfortable around you.”We smile at each other and finally hours later were in New York City. We stop by at this café where my grandparents just cant wait to eat. I actually order dessert my all time favorite Turtle Cheesecake. I look around the café as I eat my dessert and Michael goes and takes a bite out of my cake.
I notice a piece is missing and he says “I can see why this is your favorite its so creamy and the caramel sauce it is so tasty.”

We both laugh and next thing I know I see a this man sitting down drinking coffee and reading, my favorite book Always Looking Up. That book was the one Michael J. Fox wrote last year I thought to myself. I decide to look at the man a second time and then at Michael.
My eyes widen and I say to Michael “I see a resemblance with you and that man sitting over there, is that you Michael?”Michael looks at me and at the man sitting down and says “Yes that is me Whitney, like I said don’t be afraid to say hello to me.” I go up to Michael J. Fox and say “Hi I am Whitney I am a huge fan”I tell him how I got to know who he was through his books and seeing him on the TV and the movies he was in. also how he is like my imaginary friend who I talk to even through he truly isn’t next to me it just feels like he is.Michael looks at me and says “Whitney you truly have a loving heart and I thank you for standing by my side so to speak, and telling others about me and having faith in yourself, also not giving up even when life gets tough.” I smile with tears of joy running down my face I say “Aw thank you Michael. No one has ever told me that before, I have faith in you that you will find that cure.”
Michael says “Thank you Whitney and don’t give up hope.”

We smile at each other and I get his autograph and we wave goodbye to each other.
I look at my imaginary friend which as we all know is the other Michael not the actor, even though they look like twins to me. I say to Michael “that was a great experience I am so glad I met the real you.”Michael looks at me with a smile but then it turns into somewhat of a frown and he says “ Whitney I know you will forget me and soon I will have to leave, when your ready I must go, you must spread your wings and fly.”I ask him “What do you mean by spread my wings and fly?” Michael says “Whitney, I mean that soon your going to grow up and get married and have a family, when that time comes I will have to leave you.”
I say “Your not leaving me now are you, please don’t”
Michael says “When you are ready then I will leave, I am a imaginary friend for teens not for little kids Whitney, I am here to help you find your place in this world.”
I smile and say “Well, I am not ready yet so don’t leave until I say so.”
Michael says I” am right here I won’t leave until you are ready, but never forget who you have become, a smart, caring and loving young person .”Growing Up
I am going to be honest with you, Michael is still my friend. Yes I do talk to him like he is there. I am in a way to old for that, but I get lonely a lot and Michael listens to me even though you can not see him. With my imagination it look like he is there.
Sooner or later like Michael said he will have to leave me soon because I am growing up. Maybe someday I will marry someone  and be  just like him by my personality  and raise a family. Michael did tell me dreams are possible, and do not give up when things get tough.
Sometimes I often wonder an I mental or crazy because I have a imaginary friend at age 19  and I am going on  next month? Maybe it is because I do not want to grow up to fast. I found out I have a lot in common with Michael J. Fox and I got to know who he really was through his books, he is truly a optimistic person.
I honestly don’t care what others think of me. You can love me, hate me, abhor me or even like me, that is all up to you. I know I can believe in myself and that I am very smart and talented.Whoever reads this and feels they don’t have a place in this world, because people tell you that your lame, weak or any other mean thing they can think of, happy to say they are wrong. Those mean people do not know you an what you are capable of. You must have courage and faith in yourself.Bully’s will be bully’s let me explain, when I was in middle school I used to get made fun of a lot. I have gotten so used to it I just look at the bully’s and say with my sweet voice “Thank you I must be really important, since you love talking about me.”Everyone has friends and if it means only having one or two friends you can trust that is good enough. I love talking to my friends but I also like to have time to myself, just to clear my mind and relax.I am glad that I took the time to read about Michael because I found my true self. I am not saying to go to Michael and tell him your problems or to worship him. I am only saying don’t let people tell you who they think you are. Because only you know who you are and what you believe, think and do. If you have faith in yourself, that my friend is one happy ending

That was a story I wrote I hope you like it let me know what you think of it.

About hopeortiz

I am 19 a senior in high school. My hero is Michael J. Fox who not only has inspired me but many around the world. I am trying very hard to start a fundraiser here in WA but I am trying to get all the help I can get so I can do so. I will be writing a new blog every day or when I can of course about Michael J. Fox and the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinsons Research. I hope you like my posts feel free to comment on them if you like it would mean alot to me :)The picture on my Gravatar is Mr. Fox the best thing I like about the picture is he is smiling I love to smile and be joyfull each day. I love to roller blade and dance. I hope whoever reads my posts willl like them :)
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