Graduation More To Life Still Ahead


Wow I can not believe it is graduation time for me within 24 days!! I am so excited some teens think this is the end but its not its only the beginning. This gives us teens more of a oppurtunity to show what we can do,next big step college. I can not wait to major in Journalism or be a famous writer inspiring others with my words. Mr. Fox said this”this is your year own it!!” that is so true this is my year and I am going to do what it takes to graduate high school and make something of myself.

Mr. Fox is a great person to look up to, because of him I have remained optimistic throughout my whole years of High School no matter how many times I got made fun for being a geek or people talking behind my back I have never gived up or dropped out,that would be stupid for me to do. If your a teen and reading this your probably thinking “but Hope this isnt easy its to hard or I cant pass”. let me tell you something you wont pass if you keep thinking you wont pass, but if you study hard and talk to your teachers about how they can help you then more then likely you will pass.

I have learned over the years High School is just like getting a job, if you keep missing school ditching to either pretend being sick or spend time with friends,let me tell you that will only hurt you in the long run. The more school you miss the more homework you have and the less education you get that can benefit you for the future. I know I am a girl but I dress like a boy and look like one and act like one let me better explain full “TomBoy” I personally dont care what others think of me, I am at a new school here in WA and let me tell you the kids are meaner then in my old school in NM and the teachers either give to much work or they got to many teens in there class room they wont take the time to help you.

I want to be just like Mr. Fox when I grow up get married and be like a father to my kids and of course a husband to my wife. I bet your thinking “But Hope your a girl you cant fill that job leave it to the real men!!” let me tell you something I am as close as I can get to a guy and I get fooled for one I like the feeling, I want my kids to go to school and realize they need a education, I grew up with my grandparents for 13 years of my life and learned that school isnt about your friends its about going and getting a education. Many teens want to text during class or talk with there friends and let me say that wont help you in the long run.

My favorite classes are history and reading, my old teacher Mr.Maher that I knew back in NM inspired me to see what life was all about back then, he made every topic come to life, it could of been Napolean or Hitler and you would of felt like that person was next you and you would see what life was like for them. Reading now thats what I love to do,everyday I will pick up a book and read a few pages a day or even more. I can finish a whole book of 200 pages in a few hours or less. I have a college level in reading(not to brag or nothing) Take time out of your day to read and you will learn new things every day and get a better vocabulary.

If by any chance my future twin girls read this I want you both to understand to live life to the fullest but also learn from your mistakes. Please listen to me when I say be carefull who your friends are, its not the quanity of friends you have but the quality, one good friend is all anyone really needs. Trust me you could have many friends and they could hurt you and push you down in the dirt with them. I mean not everyone is like that but not all friends are meant to be trusted.

In school I am the type that is quiet unless someone talks to me, I sit every day at lunch alone eating a sandwich my step dad made for me, now thats delicouse and text my girl friend in Michigan, now she is encouraging, when others said”Hope your not going to graduate” you know what she told me she said this” I got faith in you, your going to graduate”. Angel has stood by me when others did not have faith in me. To the readers if you ever feel alone think again your not alone, there are many teens out there who dont have many friends who sit alone and others stare and make fun of them saying “ha there loners!!were so much cooler then they are.”

let me tell you what I did, one day this girl came to me and she is sort of popular but thinks she is cooler then everyone around her. She tells me” see that girl over there the one reading and walking at the same time?” I say “yes I do why do you ask me that?” she looks at me and laughs” she is such a geek!!” my first option was to either keep my mouth shut or stand up for the girl getting made fun of.So I stood up for the girl who is a freshman and I dont really know her that well but I said this” I may not know her but she looks smart and I bet you she is going to be successfull in life just you see and she is not a geek I hardly see anyone walk and read at the same time that is straight out amazing!!”

It felt great to stand up for someone that was getting picked on, it isnt right when others pick on others for no reason, but over the years I have learned not to let others attitude affect my life. They can laugh at me for all I care cause in my heart I know I am a good person so what do I do I laugh back them and say” You must really like me if you talk about me so much”. Everytime I have said that it makes them mad because they see it dont affect me or make me upset. Me and my Girl friend want to name our girls after Mr. Foxs kids were naming them Esme Caroline Ortiz and Skyler Cher Ortiz. We love those names, I want out kids to see life in a optimistic view. Living each day like its a adventure worth exploring.

If your a senior in High School like me well congratulations!! it is sure something to be proud of but dont think its the end because there is more blessings in store for you. Apply for colleges or try to get a job. my Girl Friend is a good example of someone who is trying hard to get her career started. She is applying for college she took the test the other day, they said she did ok but if she wanted to take it again and give it a little bit more effort and she can go to college there. So Angel is going to take the test again, I got faith in her that she will do even better then the first time. Angel dont give up even when it gets harder to keep going.

School was quite the adventure for me, I enjoyed all 4 years of it even if I did move to another school where I did not know anyone. Sure hardly anyone talks to me but I am not worried about what they think, say  or do I am more interested in my education and my future. What about you? Are you excited that your graduating or if you already did what accomplishments have you benefited from?

Congratulations to all Graduates!!!!



About hopeortiz

I am 19 a senior in high school. My hero is Michael J. Fox who not only has inspired me but many around the world. I am trying very hard to start a fundraiser here in WA but I am trying to get all the help I can get so I can do so. I will be writing a new blog every day or when I can of course about Michael J. Fox and the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinsons Research. I hope you like my posts feel free to comment on them if you like it would mean alot to me :)The picture on my Gravatar is Mr. Fox the best thing I like about the picture is he is smiling I love to smile and be joyfull each day. I love to roller blade and dance. I hope whoever reads my posts willl like them :)
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