More about Michael J. Fox and my Michael J. Fox room.


Hello Readers today I want to talk about my room, as your probably wondering why is it called my Michael J. Fox room well you guessed it,and probably guessed right all my room has is Michael J. Fox pictures. Yesterday I counted up to 112 pictures in my room I started the collection a couple years ago and it is a great hobby. I enjoy it most of the pictures I am showing you all on my blogs I have already printed out and put on my bedroom wall.

Now I want to tell you that obsessed to me means a loyal fan, if you look it up it means that and it is a quote from someone I cant remember who said it but I heard it somewhere, my room is like my grandmothers her room is full of Elvis Presley she has lots of books on him, dolls that are Elvis most of his cds and movies just like me except I havent run into Michael J. Fox dolls but I do have all his books he wrote and most of his movies.


At my age hardly anyone knows who Michael J. Fox is. Most teens my age at my school look at me like are you serious looking up to some 49 year old who isnt really acting anymore?!I look at them straight in the eye and say Mr. Fox inspires not only me but many around the world, sure he may not be young like your favorite singer Justin Beiber( I personally dont like his music I love 80s music)  Or your favorite actor Zac Efron but he is a true fighter and he even has his own foundation which was inspired by lance Armstrong. His foundation is called Livestrong and Mr. Fox’s is the Michael J. Fox foundation for parkinsons research. I hope to some day here in WA do a fundraiser like sell cookies, or a marathon run I got so many ideas in my head that it could fill about two pages worth of ideas.Just like Mr. Fox I am always looking up.



Mr. Fox isnt the only famous person with PD so does famous boxer Muhammad  Ali, just like Mr. Fox he is a true fighter. I saw the commercial they did together on TV and I still remember the ending he hit Mr. Fox to the floor jokingly and I thought it was a cute but very inspiring commercial. I like the quote on this picture to the right it says “there are no small victories.” That is so true no matter how you look at it anything you accomplish even if it looks small it isnt it is a big victory something to cheer about. When they find the cure I am going to be the happiest person alive. I myself do not have PD my grandmothers mom had it she was a fighter like Mr. Fox she passed away but I want others who have PD to be free from its inprisonment.


I love all of Mr. Fox’s interviews also he really gets straight to the point. Many out there the ones who dont have feelings for others laugh and call him names, I there fore do not like when they do that. I remember when Mr. Fox says some times people would watch spin city just to see the affects of the disease and when I watch it I dont even notice he is shaking and I dont watch it to see him shake I watch it because he is a great actor and his shows are funny he makes me laugh when it comes to his jokes. I never ever laugh at when he shakes I dont think it is funny. I see he is trying his best and he is a true hero forever. Now I want to talk about a show I used to like until they made fun of Mr. Fox.


You probably already can tell what show this is by the picture, it is Family Guy, I used to think some of the shows were funny like Peters stupid laugh and Stewie the baby wanting to rule the world and the Talking dog Brian, but then when they made fun of Mr. Fox that all changed I hate that show with a passion. Peter was saying how Michael J. Fox spilled a drink on him and how he said Mr. Fox said I will pay you back and gave him a check with scribbles on it and said how come his wife cant do it for him and then it showed at the end Mr. Fox spilling his drink on him and Peter calling him the B word and I was so upset I coulnt even speak. Later I commented back on there video and said whoever put this video up disgusts me!Mr. Fox is a loving man and I am sure Mr. Fox and his wife would not be laughing at this joke and if you think they will your sadly mistaken. I havent been that upset since I heard about Rush Limbaugh talking about how Mr. Fox fakes his disease and I know for a fact Mr. Fox isnt faking his disease!!


Mr. Fox has taught me how to be more of a calm person, when someone offended me before I knew who he was I didnt know how to control how I felt and bottled all the anger inside, but now I can express how I feel without showing anger and being bitter. I am more of a optimist thanks to him, I will always look up to him as a hero, I wish some day I could meet him and tell him that myself.


 Some say I remind them of Mr. Fox by my personality and some of my looks, I am short like him 5 1 and my hair is alot like his some of my face expressions I do sort of remind my family or friends of him. I am very optimistic like him, I of course will never be him, I love being myself however noone will ever be like me, they might be by my personality but they will never fully be me.I am very caring,sweet, and funny and loving to others. I dont have many friends but I got some and they have truly made me a better person. Mr. Fox has changed me for the better as well and I thank him deeply for that.




Michael J. Fox A True Hero Forever!!!!
















About hopeortiz

I am 19 a senior in high school. My hero is Michael J. Fox who not only has inspired me but many around the world. I am trying very hard to start a fundraiser here in WA but I am trying to get all the help I can get so I can do so. I will be writing a new blog every day or when I can of course about Michael J. Fox and the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinsons Research. I hope you like my posts feel free to comment on them if you like it would mean alot to me :)The picture on my Gravatar is Mr. Fox the best thing I like about the picture is he is smiling I love to smile and be joyfull each day. I love to roller blade and dance. I hope whoever reads my posts willl like them :)
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