Team Fox Dog Tags


These are Dog Tags from the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research. Michael J. Fox’s wife came up with the idea to make these. Mr. Fox’s wife Tracy Pollen said these Dog tags will make you feel you are closer to your family member or friend or whoever you know with PD.

Mr. Fox and his wife Tracy are a great couple they have stood by each other for more then 20 some years. They met when Mr. Fox was on Family Ties the best 80’s show I have ever seen. Tracy played on Family Ties along with him on a few episodes. They were together on the show and its great to see that there together in real life, helping find a cure for PD.



My Grandmother was adopted but her mother had PD I am buying a team fox shirt and necklace next week. I have never met her mother but I will feel closer to her in a way and closer to Mr. Fox he is like my friend even though he has never met me.


These are what the Team Fox shirts look like. These are the new ones the just came out. I love the saying Are You In? Its so motivating and encourging it motivates me to keep making a difference in peoples lifes for the better.


These are the other Team Fox shirts there not as recent as the other shirts, but I still like them. Team Fox is trying very hard to find the cure for PD. Team Fox is amazing!! This is the shirt I am getting from Team Fox they even have hats as well and also Bracelets. It isnt about what you get from them its about you making a difference and helping out in the community. The feeling I get from helping others is a joy beyond compare. So please help Team Fox Im In Are You?



About hopeortiz

I am 19 a senior in high school. My hero is Michael J. Fox who not only has inspired me but many around the world. I am trying very hard to start a fundraiser here in WA but I am trying to get all the help I can get so I can do so. I will be writing a new blog every day or when I can of course about Michael J. Fox and the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinsons Research. I hope you like my posts feel free to comment on them if you like it would mean alot to me :)The picture on my Gravatar is Mr. Fox the best thing I like about the picture is he is smiling I love to smile and be joyfull each day. I love to roller blade and dance. I hope whoever reads my posts willl like them :)
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  1. melissa simmons says:

    how can get one for dog tag

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