Having A Happy Life


When I see Mr. Fox and his Wife Tracy along with there kids I think now they have a happy life 🙂 Sure from time to time they may disagree on things but they work things out as a family.

Having a happy life to my opinion is by making the best with the way things work out. look  at your glass as half full instead of half empty. Mr. Fox is a true optimist he is a great actor, he retired from his acting career but from time to time I will see him on TV or on Videos. I love all his films such as Back to the future trilogy, Life With Mikey, Love Or Money and Greedy. Of course he is in more movies but these are some of my favorites.

This Picture next to this paragraph is a book Mr. Fox wrote he also wrote 2 other books called “Lucky Man” and “A Funny thing Happend on The Way To the Future.”. It is very encouraging on how we can be optimists ourselves. He talked about his career and retiring and the many travels he went on finding what optimism means. I saw this episode on TV that he did and I learned to also enjoy the things we like to do and spending time with family. Mr. Fox loves hockey and golf. He also is very politcal he is a democrat and liberal which is awesome. Most importantly he talks about his family and how much he loves them. I got to agree spending time with family and friends and thinking positive really helps make life easier. My quote that I made up is ” live life like it is a adventure worth exploring.”

“I can get sad, I can get frustrated, I can get scared, but I never get depressed – because there’s joy in my life.” this is on of Mr. Fox’s quotes that I really like.

When I want to be full of joy again I do what I like to do, I love to print out my Michael J. Fox pictures and tape them on my wall or Watch a Spin City Or Family Ties episode to cheer me up. Mostly I will talk with my mother and she cheers me up or go for a walk or talk to my best friend there are many things that cheer me up. With me however I am a very happy person looking forward to each day I am hardly mad or sad.

I am only 19 but I do know however when you have a family like kids and a Wife or Husband there the main thing in your life.Sure I would be busy or spending time with some friends every now and then but nothing would mean more to me then family. Not even my job even though that is important. Mr. Fox is a great example for a loving parent who looks at his glass as half full and not half empty.

My life is great I try very hard to finish my school work, its my last year, but I am trying as hard as I can so I will pass. Mr. Fox has shown me that life is not easy but you go to take the good along with the bad and make the best with the way things turn out.   I have learned many things through out my life. I love my life and live my life to the fullest even if at times I feel like giving up. I do know one thing I am as joyfull as a fox!!


About hopeortiz

I am 19 a senior in high school. My hero is Michael J. Fox who not only has inspired me but many around the world. I am trying very hard to start a fundraiser here in WA but I am trying to get all the help I can get so I can do so. I will be writing a new blog every day or when I can of course about Michael J. Fox and the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinsons Research. I hope you like my posts feel free to comment on them if you like it would mean alot to me :)The picture on my Gravatar is Mr. Fox the best thing I like about the picture is he is smiling I love to smile and be joyfull each day. I love to roller blade and dance. I hope whoever reads my posts willl like them :)
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