Poems That Touch The Soul


This is a heart moving poem called Mother To Son by Langston Hughes. I really love how the mother basically did not want her son to give up and even though she is getting older she is still climbing. I read this poem when I was in 10th grade and I loved it from the first time I read it.

Mother to Son
  Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor—
But all the time
I’se been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin’ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So, boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps.
‘Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now—
For I’se still goin’, honey,
I’se still climbin’,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.


 The Road Less Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

I love this poem by Robert Frost because it talks about making decisions that maybe others would not do. Even if its  hardly  the road anyone travels it is more then likely the best decision you can make.



Michael J. Fox a true hero

Michael J. Fox is my hero. He is not what other people call him a zero. Michael has Parkinsons disease but they will find a cure. I beleive in Michael and I know they will find a cure for that I am sure. Michael is very nice and not weak he is strong. When he gives good advice, and is happy, he makes me want to sing a joyfull song. Some put Michael down and try to make him frown. Michael though keeps being happy like a clown. I look up to Michael and a helping hand I will lend. Helping Michael, supporting him and helping others, is what I will do and my heart I will send. Stay they way you are and you will go far.
This is a poem I did a few years ago to Michael J. Fox it was really fun making it.

That could be me, but I am not you

I see you on the street, your walking with your head down sadder then anyone I have ever seen.
I think to myself that could be me, but I am not you.
I see you at school getting bullied, I stand up for you and think,
That could be  me, but I am not you.
I see you dancing on the sidewalk, listening to music happy as a butterfly I smile saying that could be me,but I am not you.
I see you talking and laughing with your friends, I laugh and smile thinking,
That could be me, but I am not you.
Even though were are quite alike and we deal with the same things daily, I always say that could be me, but like I always say I am not you.
This one I wrote about being your own person I really loved writing this poem.
The Incredible Dreamer
By Hope Ortiz
At The Beginning1I am Whitney, I remember like it was yesterday. I was at school and couldn’t wait to go home and see the movie I rented.
My friend asks me, “Who plays in this movie you rented?”
I look at her and say “Not sure. I think his name is Michael J. Fox and some guy that plays a scientist.”
I get home and immediately put the movie in after I feed my animals. My Grandparents, Linda and Joey, and I sit down to watch it. I watch with amazement and then I see this young handsome, actor. My brain literally freezes and then starts to say to me:
“I want to meet this actor, who is this man?”

“His face it looks so young, so innocent, and he looks like he enjoys what he is doing.” I then think about it and say to myself, “This actor seems so interesting.”I look at my grandmother and think maybe she knows who he is and say,“Grandma do you know Michael?” She looks at me and says “ I think he has M.S. Whitney, but I am not sure.”With much conviction, I reply, “So he doesn’t act anymore?” “Is he still alive?”My grandmother gives me her sweet smile and says “Whitney , darling, look him up on the internet. His biography should be there.”I run to the computer and look his name up.I began to whimper and say “Um…. He has Parkinson’s not M.S. Grandma.”
I start to feel the heat run through my body and I start to think,

“He has Parkinson’s. What is that?”
“How does he cope with this disease?”
Feels like a billion questions crowd my mind. Then the next thing I know my heart and mind tell me this,
“Get to know him even if you don’t get to meet him, you will get to know how he feels on certain matters, how he grew up, just take out the time and read about him.”Well, I thought to myself this actor does more then just acting, maybe he does more stuff like sports or maybe dancing, wonder is he still acting anymore? I look at some pictures of Michael and I say this a little bit to loud,
“Wow he looks young, even as an adult!”

Then I say courageously, “But he is ill how does he still look so young?”
I didn’t realize my Grandparents were behind me laughing.
They look at me and say, “Whitney we know he is cute but don’t get obsessed now.”

I blush and say, “Well, it’s not that he is cute it is his personality and how he acts, he is like a person who I would really like to get to know.”

I rent a bunch of movies with Michael in it such as “Life With Mikey” and “Love Of Money. I also rented “Spin City” a show he used to be in but quit due to his illness. I go on my computer again and see this advertising and it reads : Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s research read his new book “Always Looking Up”.
My eyes widen and I scream, “He writes books?!”
“Wow, how can this be, maybe he has people write for him and he tells them what to say.”
I will admit I was excited about reading Michael’s books, I went to Barnes and Nobles and saw that he also released another book earlier called “Lucky Man”. The price was a bit out of my price range. I ended up buying the books on eBay. Well, this is the beginning of my journey, I face much more coming up and I will tell you about that.
Actor VS Radio Talk Show Host

This Information I am about to tell you is something that at first got me agitated and made me want to meet this person not for a good reason but to give him a piece of my mind. This man goes by the name of Rush Limbaugh he was on You Tube saying how my favorite actor Michael J. Fox fakes his disease and on purpose don’t take his medication.
He said and I quote “ You make a huge scene with your shaking and your giving these people false hope.” Right then I said with anger to myself “ Who does this guy think he is?”
“ Making fun of a sweet, loving innocent man who don’t deserve this.”
Now I am really getting upset like a exploding volcano, then I say out loud “ What you said about Michael J. Fox was Uncalled for! Let me at him, let me at him!!!!!” Then I see this interview with Michael that helped me calm down he says “ is it cruel to have hope or to not have hope, don’t mock people or resort into name calling just trying to get your point across and see what happens.” I say with courage “ It is better to have hope Michael!” Even though I knew Michael couldn’t hear me through the computer. I calmed down and commented on his video and said this as politely as I could: “ Dear Rush, what you did wasn’t right. You need your facts before judging people. His pills cause him to shake more which is what they call Dyskinesia’s or rocking motion. I don’t want to be mean to you but Michael is my friend and I didn’t appreciate what you said about him.” My comment was nice compared to the other comments I saw like,“Rush get a life man”
“ Rush I hate your guts!”
I knew those were some mean comments, to this day I still do not like Rush. I do not hate him, maybe he is a bully or has nothing better to talk about. Michael is as short as me I am 5’1 while he is 5’3 I have had dreams where me and Michael walk together and talk like best friends.If I am in a bad mood I will dream that I am talking with Rush and telling him to stop being a bully to the innocent. At first when you see his videos you want to hate him, but I dislike him. I abhor what he said about Michael 100 percent. I wouldn’t violently hurt him, is it wrong to think about doing that? Well, to answer that it actually is bad to think like that. Because you build up all this anger on the inside and that causes hatred. I know at times it sound like the devil is saying to me “ Just hate him already you heard what he said about Michael!!”Michael is like a imaginary friend to me, I imagine he is there but in reality he isn’t. I say to myself “ he is just a actor in another state you will never meet him.” I feel like as if the devil wants me to stir up trouble with this Rush guy.
Then I feel a angel on my shoulder saying “ Don’t believe anything the devil has to say Whitney, you know Michael is innocent you said so yourself.”

As the devil and angel fight to win my side I stick to the angels side. I realize now that was the best way to go. Anger to me just causes stress and isn’t worth it. As this journey continues I have a imaginary friend he resembles Michael J. Fox in so many ways, I feel almost like I did when I was eight years old.
New York Trip I wake up in the morning bright as ever. Michael says “Time to get up sleepy head.”I wake up and get out of bed. My grandma walks over to me very excited.My Grandma looks at me and with a huge grin she says “Whitney guess where we get to go for our vacation?”
I could tell by the way she sounded I was going to love what I was about to hear.
With much excitement I reply “Where please tell me!!”She smiles and says “New York City I here it is a great place to go and visit.”My eyes widen and I felt like I couldn’t breath not only have I always wanted to go there, but now that I remember Michael J. Fox lives there!!My grandma notices I stopped breathing and she says very worried like “Whitney are you ok dear you seem to be in great thought.”I finally calm down and say “No I am fine I am just so happy I could scream with joy.”
I think to myself this is my chance to meet Michael for the first time. We all finally pack for the trip. Only me and my grandparents are going at least that’s what my grandparents think, I didn’t forget Michael was coming along as well but I didn’t tell them that.

We get in the car and take off to New York City. I sit next to Michael and we listen to our 80s music and play I spy when were really bored.
I look at Michael and say “I possibly get to meet the real you, maybe you will be in a café or walking in the park with your wife and kids.”
Michael looks at me and with his sweet smile and charm he says to me “ I am around a lot but you just might find me, and when you do don’t be afraid to just come up to me and say hello.”
I say “I won’t be afraid you seem like such a nice guy that you make people feel comfortable around you.”We smile at each other and finally hours later were in New York City. We stop by at this café where my grandparents just cant wait to eat. I actually order dessert my all time favorite Turtle Cheesecake. I look around the café as I eat my dessert and Michael goes and takes a bite out of my cake.
I notice a piece is missing and he says “I can see why this is your favorite its so creamy and the caramel sauce it is so tasty.”

We both laugh and next thing I know I see a this man sitting down drinking coffee and reading, my favorite book Always Looking Up. That book was the one Michael J. Fox wrote last year I thought to myself. I decide to look at the man a second time and then at Michael.
My eyes widen and I say to Michael “I see a resemblance with you and that man sitting over there, is that you Michael?”Michael looks at me and at the man sitting down and says “Yes that is me Whitney, like I said don’t be afraid to say hello to me.” I go up to Michael J. Fox and say “Hi I am Whitney I am a huge fan”I tell him how I got to know who he was through his books and seeing him on the TV and the movies he was in. also how he is like my imaginary friend who I talk to even through he truly isn’t next to me it just feels like he is.Michael looks at me and says “Whitney you truly have a loving heart and I thank you for standing by my side so to speak, and telling others about me and having faith in yourself, also not giving up even when life gets tough.” I smile with tears of joy running down my face I say “Aw thank you Michael. No one has ever told me that before, I have faith in you that you will find that cure.”
Michael says “Thank you Whitney and don’t give up hope.”

We smile at each other and I get his autograph and we wave goodbye to each other.
I look at my imaginary friend which as we all know is the other Michael not the actor, even though they look like twins to me. I say to Michael “that was a great experience I am so glad I met the real you.”Michael looks at me with a smile but then it turns into somewhat of a frown and he says “ Whitney I know you will forget me and soon I will have to leave, when your ready I must go, you must spread your wings and fly.”I ask him “What do you mean by spread my wings and fly?” Michael says “Whitney, I mean that soon your going to grow up and get married and have a family, when that time comes I will have to leave you.”
I say “Your not leaving me now are you, please don’t”
Michael says “When you are ready then I will leave, I am a imaginary friend for teens not for little kids Whitney, I am here to help you find your place in this world.”
I smile and say “Well, I am not ready yet so don’t leave until I say so.”
Michael says I” am right here I won’t leave until you are ready, but never forget who you have become, a smart, caring and loving young person .”Growing Up
I am going to be honest with you, Michael is still my friend. Yes I do talk to him like he is there. I am in a way to old for that, but I get lonely a lot and Michael listens to me even though you can not see him. With my imagination it look like he is there.
Sooner or later like Michael said he will have to leave me soon because I am growing up. Maybe someday I will marry someone  and be  just like him by my personality  and raise a family. Michael did tell me dreams are possible, and do not give up when things get tough.
Sometimes I often wonder an I mental or crazy because I have a imaginary friend at age 19  and I am going on  next month? Maybe it is because I do not want to grow up to fast. I found out I have a lot in common with Michael J. Fox and I got to know who he really was through his books, he is truly a optimistic person.
I honestly don’t care what others think of me. You can love me, hate me, abhor me or even like me, that is all up to you. I know I can believe in myself and that I am very smart and talented.Whoever reads this and feels they don’t have a place in this world, because people tell you that your lame, weak or any other mean thing they can think of, happy to say they are wrong. Those mean people do not know you an what you are capable of. You must have courage and faith in yourself.Bully’s will be bully’s let me explain, when I was in middle school I used to get made fun of a lot. I have gotten so used to it I just look at the bully’s and say with my sweet voice “Thank you I must be really important, since you love talking about me.”Everyone has friends and if it means only having one or two friends you can trust that is good enough. I love talking to my friends but I also like to have time to myself, just to clear my mind and relax.I am glad that I took the time to read about Michael because I found my true self. I am not saying to go to Michael and tell him your problems or to worship him. I am only saying don’t let people tell you who they think you are. Because only you know who you are and what you believe, think and do. If you have faith in yourself, that my friend is one happy ending

That was a story I wrote I hope you like it let me know what you think of it.
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Change The Way You See Your Self

Sometimes I feel on top of the world, like I can do just about anything without giving up. There are times when I do feel like life has gotten me down and pushed me to the ground to where I can not get up. Lets talk about one category that makes people think differently about them selved and that one thing is Bullying.

Your probably wondering why Bullying and how does that change the way you feel about your self. Well words like “Your Fat” or” Your Dumb” does change the way you feel about yourself you feel like maybe there right maybe I am dumb or fat but the honesty of it is that its not true what they say about you.This year at my High School my friend was getting picked on by this mean girl. The mean girl had just gotten made fun of because she started her monthly and she was wearing white so long story short people saw it and started making fun of her. She started to cry and I thought well thats what you get for being mean but I also at the same time felt sorry for her. The mean girl went to my friend and was messing around with her and that started the fight. my friend was getting ready to punch her.

I was wanting  to do the same thing because she was calling me “Short Shit” I may be short but I can be twice my size when I am angry 5 1 and I can turn 6 1 within seconds. My friend said touch me and I will punch you to the mean girl. So the mean girl said ” I bet you cant you chicken”!! So I had to hold my friend back before she hit her and got in trouble. I told the mean girl my friend is not a chicken and do not underestimate her I would recommend walking away right now!!!!

Later that day the mean girl apologized for her rude behavior but she is still mean but we ignore her and walk away from her. I used to get bullied since I was in 6th grade and I always felt bad about myself I got called things from Pizza Face to Four Eyes and Geek to Looser. I was always the last one picked for any gym games or if we had to work on teams for a project they would look at me and say eww we dont want to sit with her.

Everyday I sit at lunch alone and think about my future and why I am so alone. I see others with there friends laughing having a good time and maybe in the future when I go to college I will have more friends and when I get my career started I can also get some friends from work. I have come to realize there will always be some one mean you might run into in the future and I will give you some tips on what to do to cope with bullying.

When you look in the Mirrior think good things about your self like I am smart or I am funny and good looking or I am going to make something of myself. Sometimes we may not have many friends is because many teens are into drugs or getting high and they want you to do the same and I would not get involved with what there doing trust me. Also do things you like to do like me I like to roller blade and write stories and that keeps my mind away from the memories of getting made fun of. If someone is picking on you tell the teacher or confront the bully and tell them what there doing is bothering you and how it makes you feel and if they make it worse then tell the princibal.

Talk to a counselor. At my old school in NM for some of us teens we had our own personal counselor and I really loved that because I had someone who listened to me about how I felt and it seemed like my counselor understood what I was going through. Now that I am here in WA I do not have a counselor and it is hard just to go to someone and tell them how I feel our about my problems.So what I do is I write in my journal that helps me because I can express my self.

Just like Michael J. Fox I am always looking up. Even when people make fun of me I ignore it and realize I am better then they say I am and I keep looking forward to each day. I dont let there attitude affect me. I choose not to get down to there level, they may be going through a tough time themselves but either way I know I am a good person no matter what others may say. If someone makes fun of you dont let it affect you keep your head held high and show them there wrong and that it dont bother you.

“Live Each day like it is a adventure worth exploring”!!!!

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Life Changes And How To Cope


Hello to the reader of this blog. Your probably wondering why I am talking about life changes and how to cope with them, well any more many familys are being torn apart because of life changes and the bad decisions people make in there lifes. Lets begin with a story but this is a true story something that is happening in my life and how I choose to make it better.

let me begin, it all started when my mother and step dad started arguing over every little thing, when it first started happening I did not see the whole picture so I always thought it was my step dads fault. When I lived in NM for 13 years my mother has been in prison, doing drugs like Meth, being homeless and being with any man she could be with. My mom however cheated on my step dad twice and they havent even been married for 6 months when she did that. My mother also cheated on my real father when they two were together.

My mother was on probation for a long time. When my mother cheated on my step dad she told her mother what she did but not her father. So my grandpa wanted my step dad to get over the passed when in reality my grandpa did not know the whole story. My step dad right after there big fight he went to the bar and got drunk maybe his way of healing. He did not drink a beer in 6 months and relapsed.

He came home around 5 am in the morning saying he was sorry many times and he fell on the porch and yelling at the neighbor. My step dad gets violent with others  but he dont hurt us when he is drunk. My mother and I were furious so we left for a day and came home. Right after my moms probation she decided to stay with her friends and they drink so she was influenced to drink also. I saw her going to the store to buy more and more beer. I was really disappointed at my mother.

Lets say the situation was not pretty she also smoked some weed whyll being drunk. My mother wanted me to go with her to a friends house but I did not feel safe because those people liked to either get drunk or have Meth and they were loosing there apartment anyways. I decided to stay a few houses away from home for a few days but did not feel right so I went back home. I forgave my step father and my mother was upset with me.

My mother was upset because she wanted me to follow her around, her friends food had no flavor I would rather starve I thought to myself. I have lost a lot of weight because of worrying about my mother. My mother is upset because I am on my step dads side. I have seen the whole situation now and I have come to the conclusion that my mother starts the fights she takes things offensively and pushes many of my step fathers buttons to see which one will make him fly off the handle. My step father trys to hard to remain calm. Because of my mothers choices she has lost our trust I will explain about that later and she also lost something that could give her food and shelter if she kept working hard.

My mother had a good job telemarketing she was practising her lines to me, she seemed to be getting the hang of it so I thought. I did not realize she was not practising enough any where else she went to work late a few times and called in because her back was hurting. They fired her I knew that was going to happend because of her actions to busy partying with her friends.


To top it off my mother ended up into a bicycle accident she hurt her leg and also had a seizure which my step father said she only gets when she is on Meth. My mother however wont admit when she is wrong and if she is back on drugs she wont tell us right away. Now lets talk about how I am coping with this situation I am in. My mother wants me to follow her where she goes but I want to graduate and have a great future not be homeless looking for drugs.


My Goal is to finish school and to Graduate and I can not do that If I am following my mother around. I even want to go to college and be a writer. My step dad said something that made this much easier on us. He said “Hope I cant worry about your mother any more I need to start eating healthier and no more drinking, I will still be your step father even if your mother does leave and you can live hear as long as you want.”Those words were of comfort to me. I realize I need to focus on my goals and not be worrying about what my mother is doing.


At my school I dont have any personal counselors or any friends to talk to about what I am going through. But if your facing a problem such as mine find someone you can trust and tell them how you feel, it is not bad to cry, I have not talked to many people about what I am going through but at times I want to cry in a room and not come out for a whyl”ll. If you dont talk to someone and you build all the frustration and anger on the inside that is not good because it can cause out bursts or depression.


Do not let someone elses  choices in life affect you so much to where your always sad or depressed. When all this started with me I tryed to cut myself again and things to ease away the pain I had inside but all that did was make things worse. My girlfriend comforted me right when I needed it she checked on me and told me it would be alright. All I can do is pray for my mother and hope for the best that she will change and stop all the partying that she is doing, and if she dont want my step dad anymore she needs  to stop playing mind games with him because that is really bad and is not right. My step dad is so hurt he dont want to get married ever again let alone have a girl friend. There not even divorced and he already took off the ring.

I could feel his pain I wanted to cry with him. My mother has been gone for almost 7 days now and keeps lying saying Ill be home tomorrow and the next day goes by and she isnt here. Me and my step dad both agree it is getting flat out ridiclous and needs to stop so if she isnt here today, tomorrow he is changing the locks and throwing her stuff out of the house.

You alone are responsible for you own happiness my favorite actor Michael J. Fox once said those words I know now that if someone trys to put me down that I have the remote control to my feelings not them. Try to talk to a friend about your problem and tell them how you feel. Do things you like to do like watch a favorite movie or go for a walk something that wont damage you more then how you are already feeling.Pray to God lay your burdens on him and he will sustain you.

I hope with whatever it is your facing I hope things will get better for you, when you feel your about to fall on your knees do not give up!!!!


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Graduation More To Life Still Ahead


Wow I can not believe it is graduation time for me within 24 days!! I am so excited some teens think this is the end but its not its only the beginning. This gives us teens more of a oppurtunity to show what we can do,next big step college. I can not wait to major in Journalism or be a famous writer inspiring others with my words. Mr. Fox said this”this is your year own it!!” that is so true this is my year and I am going to do what it takes to graduate high school and make something of myself.

Mr. Fox is a great person to look up to, because of him I have remained optimistic throughout my whole years of High School no matter how many times I got made fun for being a geek or people talking behind my back I have never gived up or dropped out,that would be stupid for me to do. If your a teen and reading this your probably thinking “but Hope this isnt easy its to hard or I cant pass”. let me tell you something you wont pass if you keep thinking you wont pass, but if you study hard and talk to your teachers about how they can help you then more then likely you will pass.

I have learned over the years High School is just like getting a job, if you keep missing school ditching to either pretend being sick or spend time with friends,let me tell you that will only hurt you in the long run. The more school you miss the more homework you have and the less education you get that can benefit you for the future. I know I am a girl but I dress like a boy and look like one and act like one let me better explain full “TomBoy” I personally dont care what others think of me, I am at a new school here in WA and let me tell you the kids are meaner then in my old school in NM and the teachers either give to much work or they got to many teens in there class room they wont take the time to help you.

I want to be just like Mr. Fox when I grow up get married and be like a father to my kids and of course a husband to my wife. I bet your thinking “But Hope your a girl you cant fill that job leave it to the real men!!” let me tell you something I am as close as I can get to a guy and I get fooled for one I like the feeling, I want my kids to go to school and realize they need a education, I grew up with my grandparents for 13 years of my life and learned that school isnt about your friends its about going and getting a education. Many teens want to text during class or talk with there friends and let me say that wont help you in the long run.

My favorite classes are history and reading, my old teacher Mr.Maher that I knew back in NM inspired me to see what life was all about back then, he made every topic come to life, it could of been Napolean or Hitler and you would of felt like that person was next you and you would see what life was like for them. Reading now thats what I love to do,everyday I will pick up a book and read a few pages a day or even more. I can finish a whole book of 200 pages in a few hours or less. I have a college level in reading(not to brag or nothing) Take time out of your day to read and you will learn new things every day and get a better vocabulary.

If by any chance my future twin girls read this I want you both to understand to live life to the fullest but also learn from your mistakes. Please listen to me when I say be carefull who your friends are, its not the quanity of friends you have but the quality, one good friend is all anyone really needs. Trust me you could have many friends and they could hurt you and push you down in the dirt with them. I mean not everyone is like that but not all friends are meant to be trusted.

In school I am the type that is quiet unless someone talks to me, I sit every day at lunch alone eating a sandwich my step dad made for me, now thats delicouse and text my girl friend in Michigan, now she is encouraging, when others said”Hope your not going to graduate” you know what she told me she said this” I got faith in you, your going to graduate”. Angel has stood by me when others did not have faith in me. To the readers if you ever feel alone think again your not alone, there are many teens out there who dont have many friends who sit alone and others stare and make fun of them saying “ha there loners!!were so much cooler then they are.”

let me tell you what I did, one day this girl came to me and she is sort of popular but thinks she is cooler then everyone around her. She tells me” see that girl over there the one reading and walking at the same time?” I say “yes I do why do you ask me that?” she looks at me and laughs” she is such a geek!!” my first option was to either keep my mouth shut or stand up for the girl getting made fun of.So I stood up for the girl who is a freshman and I dont really know her that well but I said this” I may not know her but she looks smart and I bet you she is going to be successfull in life just you see and she is not a geek I hardly see anyone walk and read at the same time that is straight out amazing!!”

It felt great to stand up for someone that was getting picked on, it isnt right when others pick on others for no reason, but over the years I have learned not to let others attitude affect my life. They can laugh at me for all I care cause in my heart I know I am a good person so what do I do I laugh back them and say” You must really like me if you talk about me so much”. Everytime I have said that it makes them mad because they see it dont affect me or make me upset. Me and my Girl friend want to name our girls after Mr. Foxs kids were naming them Esme Caroline Ortiz and Skyler Cher Ortiz. We love those names, I want out kids to see life in a optimistic view. Living each day like its a adventure worth exploring.

If your a senior in High School like me well congratulations!! it is sure something to be proud of but dont think its the end because there is more blessings in store for you. Apply for colleges or try to get a job. my Girl Friend is a good example of someone who is trying hard to get her career started. She is applying for college she took the test the other day, they said she did ok but if she wanted to take it again and give it a little bit more effort and she can go to college there. So Angel is going to take the test again, I got faith in her that she will do even better then the first time. Angel dont give up even when it gets harder to keep going.

School was quite the adventure for me, I enjoyed all 4 years of it even if I did move to another school where I did not know anyone. Sure hardly anyone talks to me but I am not worried about what they think, say  or do I am more interested in my education and my future. What about you? Are you excited that your graduating or if you already did what accomplishments have you benefited from?

Congratulations to all Graduates!!!!


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Happy Early Birthday Mr. Fox!!


On June 9th Michael J. Fox will be 50 years old. Wow the time sure has flew by,he dont look 50 he looks 40 or so.Even though he has PD he looks great,I bet I know why,he stays healthy and eats right and doesnt let life tear him down. In this magazine I loved the interview I will put it on here for you all to see, I do  not plagerize so all the interviews are in the magazine word for word not my words. I really like all of Mr. Foxs interviews he is a amazing man with a loving heart. He inspires so many people with his words and wisdom.


Rosemary Ellis: You’re turning 50 very

soon. That’s a big birthday. How does it make you feel?

Michael J. Fox: It’s not a “feeling down” kind of thing. It makes you think how valuable life is. Really, how bad is something [like Parkinson’s] in relation to not having [life] at all?

RE: Right. Which is something you must have thought about a lot when you were first diagnosed. Things like that — big life-changers and significant birthdays — make you reconsider what you value.

MJF: You know, there’s a rule in acting called “Don’t play the result.” If you have a character who’s going to end up in a certain place, don’t play that until you get there. Play each scene and each beat as it comes. And that’s what you do in your life: You don’t play the result.

So you get diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and you can play the result. You can go right to, “Oh, I’m sick.” It took me seven years to figure out that I’m not at the result. I’m not at the result till the end. So let’s not play it. It’s not written yet. And so that’s the attitude I take in life. Another expression is “Act as if.” Act as if it’s the way you want it to be, and it’ll eventually morph into that.

RE: That’s a very wise attitude.

MJF: Well, with Parkinson’s, it’s like you’re in the middle of the street and you’re stuck there in cement shoes and you know a bus is coming at you, but you don’t know when. You think you can hear it rumbling, but you have a lot of time to think. And so you just don’t live that moment of the bus hitting you until it happens. There’s all kinds of room in that space.

RE: What’s the hardest part about Parkinson’s?

MJF: I actually never talk about this, but the hardest thing is probably the fatigue. And trying to have a higher threshold for it. Sometimes there may be things I want to do, and I say, “I’m so freakin’ tired. I don’t know if I can do it.” And then I’ll do it and I’ll never regret that I did it. But [the hardest part is] just getting over that.

RE: When you think about being 50, what are you most proud of in your life? What are the things that stand out most to you?

MJF: I don’t feel a yearning or a sense of missed opportunities. I don’t have many regrets. So that’s a nice feeling. To have no regrets and still have enough sense of adventure to take on risk. I mean, in other words, I can say, “I don’t have anything I regret!” But I can also say, “I can go forward in my life the way it is now and I don’t think I’ll accrue any future regrets.”


RE: Have there been any surprising blessings in the way your life has unfolded?

MJF: One of the great things about Parkinson’s, in a superficial way, is it relieved me of vanity. I don’t worry about what I look like, because it’s literally out of my hands. But on a deeper level, it gives you a real humility, because you have to deal every day with the fact that you compromise, to a certain extent…so then you explore what that compromise is and “How am I compromised?” And for everything I can’t do, I find that there’s another ability that’s been developed or another avenue that I’ve gone down.

I had a great moment with [my daughter] Esmé the other night. This may sound funny because she’s 9 years old, but she loves to read — anyway, we were talking, and I realized, here’s a person who’s never heard the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken.” And I said, “You’ll love this!” And I went and got the poem, and there were some phrases I had to explain to her, but she so loved that idea of choosing the road less traveled, and it was so cool to impart that. And that’s something I feel has made all the difference in the world. That I’ve taken those paths that people I grew up with in my life wouldn’t have expected me to take or wouldn’t have told me to look for.

RE: Have you surprised yourself?

MJF: Yes — sometimes, with the foundation [the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research], I look around, and it’s an out-of-body experience. It’s amazing to think, Look what we’ve wrought. And I’ve been really lucky with people. That’s another thing: to appreciate the people in your life, the people you take for granted and the people you may not even know are having an impact on you. There are people who make decisions that affect you every day. You don’t know that they’re making those decisions and you don’t stop to think about how grateful you are that they made them.

RE: Speaking of things you’re grateful for, what have been the highlights of the past year?

MJF: It was just great to be with family, all together; there were so many moments. Going to London with Tracy for her birthday. And careerwise, it was great to work again on The Good Wife [he has guest-starred on several episodes of the CBS drama, as a cagey lawyer with a neurological condition]. That was really fun, and it’s nice with work to still have a sense of, “What do I bring to this? What tools do I have?” Not concentrating on what tools I don’t have. I don’t have the physical subtlety that I had before. I don’t have the elasticity of expression that I had. I have to work to configure my face or to physically situate myself in a way that serves the script or my immediate physical needs. But at the same time, this experience has given me a gravitas, a kind of steadiness and a stillness, even in my motion, that I didn’t have before. It’s really taught me how to be quiet. And those are the moments in life, too, like when you walk around the corner and see Esmé lying on the floor on her back with a book and [with] her feet up. It’s just fighting back the impulse to say, “Hey, sweetie, what are you reading?” or whatever, but instead just stopping at the doorway and looking.

RE: Do you have rituals with each of your kids?

MJF: Sam [who’s now in college] and I would listen to music in the car all the time. I love music, and he’d be in the car seat…and say The Who was playing “My Generation.” I’d point out, “Listen to this bass line.” And he’d listen and then we wouldn’t talk about it, but then he’d come home from school [years later] and say, “Can I get a bass? I want to play the bass.” So with Sam, it’s a lot of that kind of stuff, and talking about science fiction and computers.

With my twins [Schuyler and Aquinnah], they’re so interesting because they’re so different [although] they’ve had the same life experience. They share the same clothes, they share the same room, and yet they’re such distinct human beings. Schuyler was born with a whiskey voice. She has a droll take on things; she’ll roll her eyes if there’s any kind of drama in the house.

With Aquinnah, she’s so passionate that you have to be really earnest when you deal with her. She’s like, “My teacher’s going to kill me.” I say, “Guarantee she’s not going to kill you. It’s not going to happen.”

And with Esmé, it’s so hard to explain! She spent the past two weeks writing a book about Greek gods. And when I say she’s written a book about Greek gods, I mean she’s written a book about [them]. She’s broken it down: Demeter and Apollo…she’s got every Greek god listed, and a description of them, and then pictures she found on the Internet. She’s taking advantage of this world we have now with all this information. She’s a really interesting, bright 9-year-old.

RE: What is the takeaway, as a parent, that you want your kids to have and really understand?MJF: Life is what you put into it and how much you take out of it. You put in more than is expected, and you take out less than you want. Everything is cause and effect. If you don’t move, nothing will move with you, and nothing will move toward you. And so that involves risk and also resiliency. But I think I just really want my kids to enjoy life as much as I do.

RE: What’s the hardest part of parenting for you?

MJF: The hardest part is that they grow up. And also realizing that there’s some stuff that’s their stuff. I spent so much time just walking them to the store, monitoring their every move. Now my 16-year-olds have to be able to go to their friend’s house and not text me every five minutes and tell me what they’re doing. They need the freedom to do that.

RE: Do you and Tracy have different parenting styles?

MJF: She’s very orderly, which is great. And I’m more laissez-faire. To me, if one of our kids reads a book for school and I can have a conversation with her about the book and I sense that she gets what the book is about, then it doesn’t really matter to me if she gets an A on the paper. What I’m sending them to school for is so they read and they get it and they write. Not necessarily that they’re able to put that out in five paragraphs with good topic sentences and a strong thesis and an outward-facing conclusion, whereas that’s important to Tracy that they do that. And that’s great.

RE: How do you and Tracy carve out time for yourselves?

MJF: There are things as silly as our having television that we watch together. If I watch Episodes on Showtime when she’s out of town, she’ll say, “I can’t believe you watched that without me!” We have that time where we sit and watch that together.

And we do take a trip every year. We really enjoy each other’s company. This year, in New Orleans, we had a day and a half where we walked the French Quarter. Just to spend two hours going into curio shops — I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. It’s not just romantic moments, but it’s goofy moments of buying a coffee and [learning] how to get a cab.

RE: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for her?

MJF: We had a rule. We try to save gift-giving for birthdays and Christmas, but if we’re doing something like remodeling the apartment, then we agree, “Let’s not do the big gift this year, since we’ve got to get new carpet.” But I was in New Orleans with her for Valentine’s Day, and I brought some gifts. Even though we had a deal not to give gifts, I could tell she was delighted. And I didn’t care that she didn’t get me a big gift, because that was our agreement. I cheated! I broke the rules! I got her a necklace. So sue me. She was thrilled.

RE: That’s pretty romantic. It’s nice you two were able to be together for Valentine’s Day.

MJF: You know, when our twins were born, they were induced, and we had a choice between February 14th or 15th, and we decided the 15th, because we didn’t want to never be able to have a Valentine’s dinner because it’d be the girls’ birthday. So she carried that weight around an extra day so we could have Valentine’s Day.


RE: The last time we met, you said that when people hug Tracy and say, “You’re so strong,” or they give you the sad face, you roll your eyes, understandably. So what do you think are the right things to say to someone going through a difficult time?

MJF: The cue should be taken from what the person is radiating. So for example, I had this conversation with somebody who said to me that her husband had Parkinson’s and was in denial. And I said, “What do you mean he’s in denial?” And she said, “He still insists on golfing and hiking and swimming.” And I said, “That’s not denial — that’s life. That’s just great. It’s not about what you think it should be. It’s about what he is experiencing.” So if you go up to someone and say, “How are you? Are you OK?” I mean, that tells me I’m supposed to not be OK. Just ask me if I’m OK, I’ll tell you I’m OK…and take my word for it. Or I’ll tell you I’m not OK…and then be prepared to reap what you’ve sown by asking me the question. So what I say about Tracy is this: Tracy’s big challenge is not having a Parkinson’s patient for a husband. It’s having me for a husband. I happen to be a Parkinson’s patient. That’s what I say to people: Whatever the situation, just take it for what it is. You don’t have to make it worse or better than it is. It just is what it is. Always deal with the honesty, the truth of what something is, and then you’ve got all kinds of choices.

I’m not fearful of my condition or my future — but if someone is looking in my eyes for fear, then they see their own fear reflected back at them. They’re saying, “I’m OK, but you’re kind of damaged in some way.”

RE: But some would say you’re not OK. How would you reply?

MJF: It’s like, I’m all right. Don’t worry about me.

RE: So totally shifting gears here: Last year marked the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future. Have you watched any of the movies lately?

MJF: If I’m changing the channel, sometimes I’ll see them, and I’ll pause for a second. But I love that people still see it. It’s funny that a film about multigenerational relationships, characters over a span of generations, has become a film that’s been popular over a span of generations. In fact, we’re almost at the place in the future that Marty went to. Fast approaching, and there are no flying cars.

RE: You were 24 when Back to the Future was released — you didn’t finish high school, right?

MJF: No, I got a GED in my 30s. My kids know that I never stop learning, and they know I love reading. I have books overflowing everywhere. I am current on today’s events and I read the paper every day, and we talk about it, so they see that appetite. And they also understand that I came from a background [in which I] didn’t have the opportunities [they have]. And they know I would say to them, “You have these opportunities and you don’t take them — what are you, crazy?” So they don’t need to have that conversation with me. They realize.

RE: Tell me, does faith, or spirituality, play a part in your life?

MJF: I’m always grappling with it. My glib answer is, “I think there’s a God and I know it’s not me.” I don’t have a set of tenets, but I live an ethical life. I practice a humility that presupposes there’s a power greater than myself. And I always believe, don’t inflict harm where it’s not necessary.

So in terms of faith, in terms of a daily reinforcement of it, I think it’s just celebrating life. Life is the power that’s greater than I can ever comprehend. The way life runs through everything, even the tiniest elements of nature — that makes me humble. It’s the same humility that causes people at a certain time every day to get on their knees and put their foreheads on the ground in honor of something or someone. I feel in my own way I do that in every day in honor of this life. If spirituality is that you’re humble in the face of forces greater than you and you believe that those forces are more inclined toward being good than being bad, then I’m a spiritual person.

RE: Let’s talk about Father’s Day. Do you do anything special? Any favorite gifts you’ve received?

MJF: The biggest gift on Father’s Day is if I can be with all my kids. And we have one of those households that’s just a big noisy blur of activity, so it’s nice on Father’s Day when I get to be the center of it for a day.

RE: Your dad passed away 21 years ago. What are the lessons he taught you or the important things he passed on to you that you want to pass on to your kids?

MJF: When I think about my father, I think about how if you got into trouble, he was the first person you called and the last person you wanted to see. My father, seriously, he would walk barefoot through glass in a firestorm to do the right thing. Not only for his kids, but for a neighbor. He had a real sense of what was right, and he did what was right.

It took me a long time to really appreciate that. Because for me, it’s easy [to say, “Do what’s right”], because I have all this. I have financial security; I have a record of accomplishment. I’ve got an ease with my kids. I know I can provide my kids with what I want them to have. He didn’t have any of that. He had a lot of insecurity and a lot of struggles. He grew up in the Depression and went into the military because it was a paying job, and he stayed there for 25 years. He made a lot of sacrifices. I think about that when I think about all I enjoy. And he never fathomed this life. And so I always think, he died 21 years ago, but he got to see the beginnings of this. And he got to see Sam’s birth. So he saw me on this road. And I think that I’m happy that he got that. Because he owns a piece of it. So I’m glad he got a chance to enjoy something while he was here.

RE: What are the strongest memories of him that you have?

MJF: I remember when I told him that I wanted to move to the States [from Canada]. I was 17, and I wanted to move on my 18th birthday. I needed to get an agent down there, and I wanted to drop out of high school. And I expected him to blow up. What he said was, “Well, if you’re going to be a lumberjack, you better go to the forest.” So he said he’d take me there, and he drove me down to L.A. to find an agent.

I remember that trip in his Dodge Aspen, driving from Vancouver to L.A. It took us two days. We didn’t have the easiest relationship, because I was kind of a flaky kid. We didn’t talk the way I talk with my kids, a kind of loose conversation. He was a military guy, and the two of us alone in a car with me going down to L.A., well…but he did it. Because he decided it was the right thing to do, that I deserved to have that chance. And so there was nothing that was going to stop him from giving that to me. He was excited by my risk — one that he didn’t necessarily feel comfortable in taking because he had certain responsibilities. But he saw that I could take that risk. All that was in jeopardy was his sense of whether he was a good father. I’ll tell ya, whatever math he did to decide it was OK to take me to L.A., I love the way he did it.

RE: What a terrific story. Thank you for sharing it, and for all of your wisdom. And I know our readers join me in wishing you a very happy half-century!


Happy Birthday Michael J. Fox!! your a true hero forever!!



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More about Michael J. Fox and my Michael J. Fox room.


Hello Readers today I want to talk about my room, as your probably wondering why is it called my Michael J. Fox room well you guessed it,and probably guessed right all my room has is Michael J. Fox pictures. Yesterday I counted up to 112 pictures in my room I started the collection a couple years ago and it is a great hobby. I enjoy it most of the pictures I am showing you all on my blogs I have already printed out and put on my bedroom wall.

Now I want to tell you that obsessed to me means a loyal fan, if you look it up it means that and it is a quote from someone I cant remember who said it but I heard it somewhere, my room is like my grandmothers her room is full of Elvis Presley she has lots of books on him, dolls that are Elvis most of his cds and movies just like me except I havent run into Michael J. Fox dolls but I do have all his books he wrote and most of his movies.


At my age hardly anyone knows who Michael J. Fox is. Most teens my age at my school look at me like are you serious looking up to some 49 year old who isnt really acting anymore?!I look at them straight in the eye and say Mr. Fox inspires not only me but many around the world, sure he may not be young like your favorite singer Justin Beiber( I personally dont like his music I love 80s music)  Or your favorite actor Zac Efron but he is a true fighter and he even has his own foundation which was inspired by lance Armstrong. His foundation is called Livestrong and Mr. Fox’s is the Michael J. Fox foundation for parkinsons research. I hope to some day here in WA do a fundraiser like sell cookies, or a marathon run I got so many ideas in my head that it could fill about two pages worth of ideas.Just like Mr. Fox I am always looking up.



Mr. Fox isnt the only famous person with PD so does famous boxer Muhammad  Ali, just like Mr. Fox he is a true fighter. I saw the commercial they did together on TV and I still remember the ending he hit Mr. Fox to the floor jokingly and I thought it was a cute but very inspiring commercial. I like the quote on this picture to the right it says “there are no small victories.” That is so true no matter how you look at it anything you accomplish even if it looks small it isnt it is a big victory something to cheer about. When they find the cure I am going to be the happiest person alive. I myself do not have PD my grandmothers mom had it she was a fighter like Mr. Fox she passed away but I want others who have PD to be free from its inprisonment.


I love all of Mr. Fox’s interviews also he really gets straight to the point. Many out there the ones who dont have feelings for others laugh and call him names, I there fore do not like when they do that. I remember when Mr. Fox says some times people would watch spin city just to see the affects of the disease and when I watch it I dont even notice he is shaking and I dont watch it to see him shake I watch it because he is a great actor and his shows are funny he makes me laugh when it comes to his jokes. I never ever laugh at when he shakes I dont think it is funny. I see he is trying his best and he is a true hero forever. Now I want to talk about a show I used to like until they made fun of Mr. Fox.


You probably already can tell what show this is by the picture, it is Family Guy, I used to think some of the shows were funny like Peters stupid laugh and Stewie the baby wanting to rule the world and the Talking dog Brian, but then when they made fun of Mr. Fox that all changed I hate that show with a passion. Peter was saying how Michael J. Fox spilled a drink on him and how he said Mr. Fox said I will pay you back and gave him a check with scribbles on it and said how come his wife cant do it for him and then it showed at the end Mr. Fox spilling his drink on him and Peter calling him the B word and I was so upset I coulnt even speak. Later I commented back on there video and said whoever put this video up disgusts me!Mr. Fox is a loving man and I am sure Mr. Fox and his wife would not be laughing at this joke and if you think they will your sadly mistaken. I havent been that upset since I heard about Rush Limbaugh talking about how Mr. Fox fakes his disease and I know for a fact Mr. Fox isnt faking his disease!!


Mr. Fox has taught me how to be more of a calm person, when someone offended me before I knew who he was I didnt know how to control how I felt and bottled all the anger inside, but now I can express how I feel without showing anger and being bitter. I am more of a optimist thanks to him, I will always look up to him as a hero, I wish some day I could meet him and tell him that myself.


 Some say I remind them of Mr. Fox by my personality and some of my looks, I am short like him 5 1 and my hair is alot like his some of my face expressions I do sort of remind my family or friends of him. I am very optimistic like him, I of course will never be him, I love being myself however noone will ever be like me, they might be by my personality but they will never fully be me.I am very caring,sweet, and funny and loving to others. I dont have many friends but I got some and they have truly made me a better person. Mr. Fox has changed me for the better as well and I thank him deeply for that.




Michael J. Fox A True Hero Forever!!!!















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Michael J. Fox Golf,Tv shows and Back To The Future


I think this is the coolest thing ever!! Michael J. Fox not only loves hockey but also Golf. “People however make fun of him saying Keep Steady Over The Ball”Mr. Fox however shows them a thing or two,I saw him on you tube videos playing Golf and he is absolutely amazing!! If I had to rate him 1 to 10 on how good he is at Golf I would give him a 10 but then again thats my opinion.


These pictures were taken in Tampa Florida a few weeks ago, I played Golf before but it was actually not real Golf it was Put Put and that was when I was 8 or so years old. Tiger Woods is a good Golfer but not as good as Mr. Fox, Michael J. Fox seems to have more of ethusiam and he is more optimistic.

 If I  could meet Mr. Fox I would love to give him two novels that I wrote just for him. I got all these pictures online, sadly who knows if I will ever meet him, if i do it will be here in Washington State or if I am flat out lucky and go on a vacation to New York City. Mr. Fox has also inspired me to try new things I might not ever want to try.

 Like for instance I am 19 and not once in my whole life have I ever been Ice Skating I really want to because Mr.Fox makes it look really fun,something I would enjoy doing. I have never played “real” Golf other then Put Put which that is fun but Mr. Fox also makes Golf look really fun!!I also before I knew who he was I was almost giving up on my writing but he has inspired me not to give up on my dreams.


So I have written two novels the first one was about how I got to know who Mr. Fox was and how he became like my imaginary friend, he was there because I have a great imagination to others they couldnt see him, at the end of the story she got the privledge to meet the real Mr. Fox.





her imaginary friend told her that some day he is going to have to let her grow up and leave, my character Whitney however was not ready to let go, she was always lonely at school, kids constantly making fun of her, she felt so alone like no one cared until Mr. Fox came along and taught her how to be optimstic and not care what others think of you and not to be depressed but be full of joy and that some day true friends will come your way. I called this book the incredible dreamer.



I dislike imitators and my second book was called Danger On Facebook it was all about the sex offender who pretended to be Michael J. Fox he was so good at what he did even the adults thought it was him. What I didnt mention however is how I am warning others when they tell me I am talking to this celebrity or that celebrity, and I am also seeing the ones that say there the real Mr. Fox I am catching them right in there tracks and making sure they get deleted, because what there doing is not right.


Back to the future is one of  my favorite Michael J. Fox films, My favorite shows are Family Ties and Spin City.  This will always be my favorite shows and movie, I of course love all his films. With as many episodes of spin city and family ties i have seen I cant tell you which one is my favorite because I love all of them. I watch them all until I know them by heart. I love his characters like Marty Mcfly and Alex P Keaton.


The coolest thing ever I saw a interview with Mr. Fox and his wife not that long ago and he is still going to act on some more shows like he did on the Good Wife Show a few weeks ago.  Even though Charlie Sheen took Mr. Foxs place on Spin City his role will never be forgotten by many loyal fans.





I may not have been born in this era but I love the 80s very much wish I was a 80s teenager would of been so cool, I dress like I am from the 80s bringing it back in style 🙂


Michael J. Fox is a true hero forever!!!!

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